ABC Phase 3 (Eric) Day 2

AB C Phase 3 Day 2 (Eric)



Complete the following 7 sections

1) Foam Roll

Roll the following muscle groups for 1 minute each

a) Quad b) It Band c) Adductor d) Glute e) T-Spine

2) Stretch

Perform the following Stretches for 30 seconds per side

a) Open Hip Stretch b) Adductor Stretch c) Hip Separation d) T-Spine

3) Activate

Perform the following activations for amount of reps required.

a) Psoas Hip Flexion (10/side)

b) Prone Shoulder IR (10 reps)

4) Movement

Perform the following movements for 30-40 yards per movement, followed by exercise (f) Side Shuffle to Sprint for 4 total sprints.

a) Spidermans

        b) Tin Soldier

c) Butt Kicks

d) High Knees

e) Karioca

f) One Way Skater

       g) Backward run

h) Open Gates

I) Linear Pogos( x40)

5) Power/Plyometric

Perform each exercise back to back until all are complete. Complete exercises for the amount of reps shown below. complete 3 total rounds!

1) Double KB Cleans (10 reps)

2) Double Unders  (40 seconds)

6) Strength Circuit 1 

Complete the following  exercises in a circuit until all reps are completed. Try to move continuously through each exercise. Complete 3x through

Strength Circuit 1

3 total sets

a1) Cossack Squats (8 reps/side)

a2) DB Bench Press (8-10 Reps)

Strength Circuit 2

3 total sets

b1) B.B Hip Bridge  (10 Reps)

b2)TRX S. Arm Rows  (10 reps)

Strength Circuit 3

3 total Sets

c1) Rotational Landmine Press (8/reps)

c2) TRX Double Crunch (20 reps)

7) Cardio (15 mins)

Keep Heart Rate Between ( 135-150BPM)

a1) Airdyne Bike 

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