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Let us start by saying thank you for taking an interest in improving your health. As a company we are honored that you are visiting our Online Training site

At Forces of fitness training, you can enjoy training based on the latest scientific research from a range of different methods, including the prestigious Functional movement Screening, developed by the world famous physical therapist, Gray Cook who is renowned in the fields of corrective exercise. Weather Your goal is to gain strength lose body fat or increase performance, just remember, It is always best to build on top of a strong foundation.  We use the best assessment tools from the best practitioners in the world so that we can provide cutting edge, thorough, assessments and programming for our clients.

Forces of Fitness uses a variety of training methods and equipment including Kettle Bell training (K.B.C), (TRX suspension Training) Minimalist bodyweight tactics from (Global bodyweight Training) and basic full body strength training accredited by one of the most nationally recognized training accreditations (N.A.S.M). Our custom training programs will make the best out of you and your training environment.

Online training can transform several important areas of you’re life. Whether you struggle with weight management, fat loss, have a poor diet, you’re recovering from an injury or suffering from chronic joint/ muscle pain, you’re a mom wanting to get back in shape, or even just want to improve your athletic hobby, Forces of Fitness can help you!


Dr.James Dello Russo
New Jersey

Just by following Forces of Fitness direction for four one hour sessions I had already rapidly dropped almost eight pounds in roughly two weeks.  It was amazing.  I think what was even better was how I felt.  My mental fog and lethargy at work was transformed. I had boundless energy and it made me literally better at what I do at my job.  But even I’ve lost over 30 pounds and still continue to train.  The benefits are too great.  I lost a ton of weight, feel mentally sharp, and my chronic has gone away.


Look, some basic principles apply to everyone. Eat healthy and exercise is general advice everyone should take. But we all work, move, eat, hydrate and look differently. Your program should take your lifestyle factors into account. It’s not about hitting the gym once a week and eating an apple a day. If you want to get serious, get individual. One of your greatest gifts and most important blessings in your life is your health.

 If you:

  1. Experience aches pains (with or without exercise)
  2. Want to become stronger and gain more lean muscle mass,
  3. Have a high/above average body fat percentage
  4. If you aim to build a strong immune system and steer away from stress related illness
  5. Want to improve your athletic ability
  6. If you’re not guided by a professional, custom training program to improve your health each week

Forces of fitness can help you.


Our assessment starts with a Body Blueprint so that we can understand your body size, past injuries, medications (if noted). We then use Functional Movement Screening principles to find out where your body has limitations and muscle imbalances. After this, we find out all that we need to know about your training environment through our environmental blueprint assessment. Lastly we develop a unique program tailored specifically to your needs.

You are in more control of your health than you may know. Although fitness is one major, integral part of health, you’ll have the opportunity to explore how everything you eat/drink,the appropriate types of exercise, and proper lifestyle management matters on a daily basis.

Every choice we make has a physiological consequence. Learning, how connected fitness is with its nutritional and lifestyle counterparts is what leads to significant results.

What’s even more, is that living with the health-cultured awareness that you will gain through your training, you will greatly reduce high stress levels and help your body fight against infectious disease and illness.

Lets also Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is not a quick fix, we do not believe in quick fixes. We believe in true and everlasting results built by you and guided by us. We’ll provide the tools and instruction, but you have to get up and help us build your health.


Personal training in a gym can be a great experience, but it also has drawbacks. Please understand we are as passionate about coaching people in the gym as we ever were, but when training in the gym, we are limited in the amount of people we can reach.

Online training programs have helped people like you from anywhere in the world attain the health and fitness level they’ve always wanted, and so we founded Forces of Fitness online personal training. Every business has changed because of the Internet; the fitness industry is no different.

This is the next revolutionary idea in fitness, because it takes down many of the barriers between you and your optimal health. Now, we are working with people from all over the world, helping people everyday, to take control of their lives and their health!


There are many reasons why online coaching/training is better than the in person training model.

Better Value

In-person training can cost hundreds of dollars an hour for two or three sessions per week and over a thousand a month if your train more regularly (3-4 sessions per week). (see online training Vs. In Person chart please Provide a link here to price chart). This can add up quick! Online training packages are a fraction of the cost of in-person training, what’s even more is that your instruction is always available to you. The same level of expertise plus your exercise guidance is always available to you through your video, written program, and email based support.

No More Working around a Trainer’s Schedule

Let’s face it. We all live busy lives. And it’s sometimes hard to commit to a regular time to meet your personal trainer and hit the gym. But with an online training regimen, you can train whenever and wherever you like! You don’t need to work around your trainer’s schedule, and you don’t need to reschedule anything!

We are As Flexible As You Are

With online training you can work out on your own time. Your program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So no matter when you want to work out, Your program will be there to guide you. Exercising in the gym? Fine. How about at home with your own equipment? That’s fine too. Taking a vacation or traveling for work? Great! No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, your program is at hand for you.

You own the Program that you’re paying for

Its important to understand how much you can save, learn, and benefit from owning your own fitness program. We’re not talking about some jotted down exercises on a piece of paper. Video instructed, spelled out, step by step, custom fitness programs built for you and the environment your training in. It’s your body and you have the right to own the program for taking care of it. Through online training you are investing in a path leading to greater reward, strength, education and benefit.

I don’t know If I should Leave my Trainer?

There are some great trainers out there however, when you work out with a local personal trainer, you’ll usually end up with the closest trainer, maybe even a good friend, usually not the best! We speak from common experience we’ve encounter from our 10 years of business. Many of our own in person clients have made a move to online training for the sake of a more convenient schedule and more training sessions per week for a lower cost. We continued to watched them soar continuing to get stronger and accomplish more than their initial goals! Online training guarantees that you’ll receive tremendous amount of value and helpful resources and training from some of the best personal trainers in the world.

Online training works and continues to work for many different people all over the world!


It’s very simple. All you need is a device that will allow you Internet access. It could be a smart phone, PC, or Mac, lab top desktop or, even an I Pad will do!) and a free Skype account.

Next subscribe through our site to Train online fill out your assessment and your program will then be created and sent to your account within a week’s time.

We are not just a robotic, automated, answering machine. We are real professionals, personally delivering your workouts to you online. A great deal of time goes into developing your individualized fitness plan. After the development of your training program, you’ll have all of tools and guidance you need to reach your fitness goals and create the lifestyle you deserve!

You will have exclusive access to your training plan through our membership site and we’ll keep in contact via email and Skype. At Forces of fitness online training you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions as well as submit post pictures/ videos to critique your progress,

Join the Force, and the Force will always be with you!

Patricia Eyer

Patricia Eyer
Mother of 6 and Teacher

I have been training on custom forces of fitness strength and conditioning programs from age 55 I am now 58. I have measured my own body stats and have lost several inches overall in my in the all of my marked body stat measuring points and dropped several dress sizes. Forces of fitness has not only changed my life inside of the gym, I am more heath conscious. I eat and sleep better. My life has significantly changed and continues to improve with each dedicated hour.

Stephanie Chang

Stephanie Chang
New Jersey
Mother and Business Owner

I have trained with Forces of Fitness, both in person with Joe, and on my own through online training. Both have been an incredible experience for me. I now have a plan that continues to work for me. I understand how to come in and train myself correctly based on my individual needs. I have become a lot stronger, leaner, and enjoy physical activities that I have never thought to pursue before realizing my own strength and ability.

Morgan Harris

Morgan Harris

As a teacher and mother of 2 boys, I knew that I needed to be on top of my game when it came to my health and fitness. The moment I met Joe and learned the Forces of Fitness “way” it was clear that this was where I needed to be to reach my goals. At 37 years old, I can safely say that I am in the best shape of my life. Forces of Fitness has taught me to look at the food I eat as fuel for my goal and that, along with my training program has supported my 20lb loss.


Online training is for those who want to grow physically self sustainable. In order to have the program for yourself you must be willing to commit the few hours a week that it takes to get the job done! Be consistent and do not lose track of why you started. Understand that when you know what you want, and you want something bad enough, your desire will bring out an ability, and unbounded amount of energy that will eventually lead you to a fulfilling destination point. Some of your goals may seem difficult at this very moment. We hope that you allow us to change your perspective by providing a step by step action plan toward your destination point. Our programs will challenge and change you, however we will not run you into the ground and beat on your joints in the process. I repeat, you should not run yourself into the ground trying to get there. This is unnecessary. With the right training program you will get stronger, lose body fat, gain energy, and enjoy everlasting success and durability, not plateaus, pain and breakdown.

Forces of fitness is your tool for strength conditioning and mobility practice we are not only here to make you strong and healthy we are here to keep you living in the strongest and healthiest body you can attain. Our goal is to inspire you and keep you in your best condition. 

Don’t sign up for online coaching if:

  • You’re not willing to work hard and put the effort into yourself.
  • You only hire a trainer to cheer lead for you
  • You’re would rather pay your trainer to talk to you more than coach you.
  • You’re not passionate enough about achieving your goals.
  • You’re just not ready to be serious, even with a step-by-step action plan at your finger tips.

But, If you are ready and online coaching sounds like it’s right for you, THEN STOP WASTING TIME AND Join the force. 

 Train online

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