FOF Letter to You

As an online company we strive to provide the most efficient online personal training programs available. We take pride in our Program design principles and methods that have been scientifically researched by the greatest fitness professionals in our industry. Our Programs have then been tested to work on our own clients through years of hands on experience in fitness facilities. Our Goal is to be able to reach out to people worldwide outside of our own gyms and share our knowledge and our discoveries (in an organized, bullet proof/dummy proof fashion!). We keep hundreds of bodies including our own, in top physical condition year after year.

After years of hands on training experience ranging from training at Athletic training facilities to corporate Sports Clubs, we have been fortunate to work with athletes, mothers, fathers, soldiers, professional fighters, rehabilitating clients and business professionals of all ages. Working in a personal and small group service business, our collective dream has always been to reach out to more people.

In order to do this we have grown successful at empowering our clients with enough knowledge so that they are able to train independently using only a program designed by their trainer and watched them take off still continuing to get stronger, lose weight and feel better every week. It is Easy! After applying our methods in person and through testing on clients, years of trial and error have led us to formulate an online training system. Once making this system easy enough to individualize, understand, and execute our Forces of Fitness Online Training site was born! Now you can enjoy pure results driven program design methodology. (Trained, tested, and custom programming.) All that we ask is that you fill out an assessment and pay attention to form shown on your program videos. We will provide everything else.

Many trainers give their clients workouts. We give our clients training! What’s the difference? Training is more than just a workout; it is an education on how to keep your body in top physical condition inside and outside of the gym. It is an individualized program designed for specific physiological outcomes. Training is a program that takes posture, ability, history, shape, size and goals into account via assessment. Comprehensive exercises are then prescribed to the trainee based on the assessment.

Training is the fastest way to achieve results while saving your body from hazardous unnecessary exercises. Training involves the awareness of what you are doing to your body through exercise; and why you are doing it. When you exercise effectively, it never stops working. Online training allows you to understand how and why it continues to work. (This is a just another bonus of owning your program)

We want people who want results! Weather it may be to increase athletic performance, to serve your; family, community, country or for your own personal transformation. We look for people who want to live better healthier lives. We look for diligent and committed people who will put their health and fitness on high priority. If you are a self-motivated person who will put in the few hours it takes a week to complete this mission with an honest effort, we welcome you! If you are ready for a physical transformation you have found your temple. If you have read this far, I hope to have you as apart of our alliance. Allow us to be the fortress to your fitness story and achieve your fastest, most effective results. Forces of fitness clients govern their bodies through knowledge and commitment. We welcome you all, who are committed to self-improvement. We exist to arm your mind and body with the tools necessary to succeed in your physical journey. Welcome to our community.

Thanks for sharing your time with us.

Joseph Liberatore & Forces of Fitness Community

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