Copy of High Rep Recruitment Day 1 (Shannon)

High Rep Recruitment

Day 1 (Shannon)

(Complete the following 7 sections)

Section 1: Foam Roll

Foam Roll the Muscle Groups listed and perform the Stretch and Activations as shown in video. Spend 1 miniute per muscle group!

a) Quads b) IT Band c) Adductors d) T-spine

Section 2: Stretch

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds/side! Breathe deeply into your stromach while in position.

a)Hip stretch b)Adductor stretch c) External rotator d) Open Half Kneeling Thoracic Stretch

Section 3: Activate Perform each of the following exercises for 10 reps

a) Side Lying Leg Raise b) Low Trap Wall Slides

Section 4: Movement

Instruction:Perform each exercise moving at a comfortable pace. Perform each movement for 30-40 yards, 1x through

Cradle Walks

Tin Soldiers



Side Skipping

Heiden to Sprint


Section 5: Power/Plyo

Instruction: Perform the following Circuit for  2 total rounds.

a1) Med Ball Slams w/ Jump (15 reps)

a2) Transverse Hurdle jump +Stick (10 Jumps)


Section 6: High Rep Recruitment

Complete the following 3 strength exercises in a circuit for the amount of reps required. Complete 3 sets at a fast past tempo. focus on engagement. Rest for 1 minute and continue until all 3 sets are completed.

Strength Circuit #1

1A)Smith Machine Narrow Back Squats (20 reps)

1B)Stability Ball Bench Press  (20)

1C) TRX Pikes (10/side)

Strength Circuit #2

2A) Single Leg Bridge on Stab. Ball (20 reps)

2B) Tall Kneling Cable Bar Pulldowns (20)

2C)  Step up Cable Lift (10/side)


7)Conditioning: Airdyne  Sprints: Sprint for 20 seconds then rest for 40 seconds. Repeat 6x.

1a)Airdyne Sprint


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