It’s very simple. All you need is a device that will allow you Internet access. It could be a smart phone, PC, or Mac, lab top desktop or, even an I Pad will do!) and a free Skype account.

Next subscribe through our site to Train online fill out your assessment and your program will then be created and sent to your account within a week’s time.

We are not just a robotic, automated, answering machine. We are real professionals, personally delivering your workouts to you online. A great deal of time goes into developing your individualized fitness plan. After the development of your training program, you’ll have all of tools and guidance you need to reach your fitness goals and create the lifestyle you deserve!

You will have exclusive access to your training plan through our membership site and we’ll keep in contact via email and Skype. At Forces of fitness online training you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions as well as submit post pictures/ videos to critique your progress,

Join the Force, and the Force will always be with you!


Patricia Eyer  

Mother of 6 and teacher


I have been training on custom forces of fitness strength and conditioning programs from age 55 I am now 58. I have measured my own body stats and have lost several inches overall in my in the all of my marked body stat measuring points and dropped several dress sizes. Forces of fitness has not only changed my life inside of the gym, I am more heath conscious. I eat and sleep better. My life has significantly changed and continues to improve with each dedicated hour.


Stephanie Chang

New Jersey

Mother and Business owner




I have trained with Forces of Fitness, both in person with Joe, and on my own through online training. Both have been an incredible experience for me. I now have a plan that continues to work for me. I understand how to come in and train myself correctly based on my individual needs. I have become a lot stronger, leaner, and enjoy physical activities that I have never thought to pursue before realizing my own strength and ability.


 Morgan Harris 






As a teacher and mother of 2 boys, I knew that I needed to be on top of my game when it came to my health and fitness.  The moment I met Joe and learned the Forces of Fitness “way” it was clear that this was where I needed to be to reach my goals.  At 37 years old, I can safely say that I am in the best shape of my life. Forces of Fitness has taught me to look at the food I eat as fuel for my goal and that, along with my training program has supported my 20lb loss.

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