How It Is Done

Body Blueprint Step 1

First the client will fill out an online assessment that will provide the program design specialist with a sufficient amount of information to create a custom program. the trainee will fill out brief questions regarding…

  • Past Injuries
  • Areas of discomfort
  • Medication
  • Movement quality
  • Client Goals
  • Preparation
  • Liability
  • Fitness Measurements

Environmental Blueprint Step 2

Whether you work out at home outside or at a gym, the Program Design Specialist Will have to know what equipment is at your disposal to make the most effective program for you. The designer will also show you the tools that you must have at your disposal to begin your training.. All equipment can be found on our online store.

Program Ready & Start Training Step 3

After the online assessment the assessment will be viewed by the Program design specialist and from there your road to self-mastery will be built. The program design specialist will consider your physical restrictions (if noted) and fitness level, on your assessment. Program design specialist will send a custom strength and endurance program built to meet clients the clients fitness goals. The program will be posted on your profile page in 1 week from registration date. There will be guidelines on how many sessions/week this program should be completed. It is expected of you to stick to your own personal commitment. Every 5 weeks, you the “trainee’s” program will change and you will be ready for a new training phase progression. After training regimen is followed, the trainee will feel stronger and notice a greater physical capacity for performance in various types of physical activity. The trainee will go through a physical transformation and notice physical changes and adaptations to the program. Trainee should notice results such as:

  • Fat Loss/ Inch Loss
  • Muscle Hypertrophy (Muscle growth)
  • Joint Mobility and Integrity
  • Less or vanished aches and pain
  • Increased Cardiovascular Capability
  • Increased Athletic performance and
  • potential
  • More Restful sleep
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Increased Energy and Stamina
  • Regulate Blood Pressure
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