ABC Phase  Day 2



Complete the following 7 sections

1) Foam Roll

Roll the following muscle groups for 1 minute each

a) Quad b) It Band c) Adductor d) Glute e) T-Spine

2) Stretch

Perform the following Stretches for 30 seconds per side

a) Hip Stretch b) Adductor Stretch c) Hip Separation d) T-Spine

3) Activate

Perform the following activations for 10 reps per side

a) Reach Roll and Lift (8 lifts/side)

b) Mini Band Walks  (10/side)

4) Movement

Perform the following movements for 30-40 yards per movement. followed by cross over skipping for 30 seconds.

a)  Spidermans

b) Butt Kicks

c) Side Skipping

c) Backpedal

d) Karioca

e) 45 degree bound and stick

f) Get up to sprint

5) Power/Plyometric

Perform each exercise back to back until all are complete. Move with power! This is your short time to be fast and explosive!

a) M.Ball Slam w/Jump (10 rep) b) Thin Line Beast Crawl (20 yards) c) M.Ball Slam w/Jump(10 rep) d) Thin Line Beast Crawl (20 yards)

6) Strength Circuit 1

 Complete the following 3 exercises in a circuit for 2 total sets.

a1) KB Side Swings (20 reps)

a2) Sing Arm D.B Push Press

a3) KB Pull Throughs (6/side reps)

7) Strength Circuit 2

Perform the following circuit for 2 sets of 12 reps!

b1) Kb Double Racked Box Squat

b2) 1/2 Kneeling V-Bar Pulldown

b3) Hanging Knee Raises


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