Our assessment starts with a Body Blueprint so that we can understand your body size, past injuries, medications (if noted). We then use Functional Movement Screening principles to find out where your body has limitations and muscle imbalances. After this, we find out all that we need to know about your training environment through our environmental blueprint assessment. Lastly we develop a unique program tailored specifically to your needs.

You are in more control of your health than you may know. Although fitness is one major, integral part of health, you’ll have the opportunity to explore how everything you eat/drink,the appropriate types of exercise, and proper lifestyle management matters on a daily basis.

Every choice we make has a physiological consequence. Learning, how connected fitness is with its nutritional and lifestyle counterparts is what leads to significant results.

What’s even more, is that living with the health-cultured awareness that you will gain through your training, you will greatly reduce high stress levels and help your body fight against infectious disease and illness.

Lets also Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is not a quick fix, we do not believe in quick fixes. We believe in true and everlasting results built by you and guided by us. We’ll provide the tools and instruction, but you have to get up and help us build your health.

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